A native of Denver, Sheila was first introduced to food and cooking by her father, an avid food lover and cook. At Florida International University, a biology major (and soccer player), she indulged in her culinary cravings and explored the wonderful and varied south Florida cuisines.

Imparted with the respect and passion for food instilled in her by her father, Sheila chose to continue her education, and graduated from the Colorado Art Institute with a degree in the culinary arts. Starting out in delis and bakeries prior to and during school, Sheila discovered her love of energy and the enthusiasm kitchens can have. While completing her culinary education she worked as a line cook at several Denver restaurants. Sheila was part of the opening crew at Jax Fish House, Denver. She was next promoted to Sous Chef under the guidance of Dave Query and Jamey Fader.

Sheila became Chef in the summer of 2002, where she immediately made her mark by receiving the accolades of best seafood by 5280 magazine, Westword Magazine, City Search, Rocky Mountain News. Sheila has donated her time and talent to the Great Chefs of the West Liver Foundation, The Kidney Foundation, the Chefs up Front (S.O.S.), the Do at the Zoo, and Project Angel Heart to name a few. In 2009 Sheila became the Executive Chef of Jax Fish House Boulder and Denver.




Kevin, a descendant of Italians, was born in New Jersey.  Taking some of the NJ swagger with him, Kevin has lived in several places since that time including Michigan, San Diego, Boston, Vail, and Denver.  A craving for winter sports, somewhere to bike, and a place to farm is what made Kevin find and settle in Fort Collins.

At a young age Kevin had dreams and aspirations of becoming a leading chef.  This led him to attend the Schoolcraft College, culinary program.  It was here that Kevin had the privilege to study under Chef Brian Polcy, Joseph Decker, and sever other certified master chefs.  Refining his technique, Kevin has had several kitchen experiences that help define him today.

At Jax, Kevin brings an unmatched passion for local product and fresh ingredients. Working with the local farmers, many which have become friends, Kevin is able to constantly adjust his dishes according to what Fort Collins has to offer.  Kevin enjoys brining high quality seafood to a landlocked state where people tend to lose hope in finding great seafood.  Each day Kevin’s commitment for fresh, quality, and local ingredients are what make the community continue to come back to Jax.  Kevin describes his cooking in one short sentence, “my cooking is simplistic in form, but complex in delivery.”




Kristi Quick was born and raised in Austin Texas.  At the young age of 15 Kristi worked at the local New York Bagel and Deli.  It was at this location that Kristi realized she had an obsession for customer satisfaction that was above normal! Kristi’s passions for customer service continued, as she first hand witnessed her brother open and operate his very own restaurant, Wahooz.  Working at the restaurant is how it all came together for Kristi.  Some would say she had her ah-ha moment.  “I realized that dining is an experience.  In so many areas of the world, food and dining define family and culture.  I am lucky and honored to be part of so many lives!”

Kristi Quick can be described as vivacious, infectious, and contagious.  As she moves through Jax, her beaming personality and outward laugh fills the space and completes the gaps.  Kristi has a true passion for not only the restaurant but the customer experience as well.  Knowing Kristi is no stranger to members of the Fort Collins community, as she has become someone that everyone simply has to know!  Taking her community under her wing, Kristi is one of the driving forces behind bringing quality farm fresh food and sustainable seafood to Fort Collins.  Feeding the knowledge and passion she has for quality food and quality experiences to her staff and diners is of the utmost importance to Kristi.

When Kristi is not at Jax, she can be found either cooking in her own kitchen, biking through Fort Collins, perusing the Farmers Market, or playing in the outdoors with her son and husband!